Start your summer with Twelve45's Live DJ set for Curlfest

What’s better than the feeling you get in the very beginning of the summer? That moment when you realize winter is officially behind you. No more random 40 degree days causing you have “just a touch of something” for 2 weeks. You start planning how you’ll maximize 8 solid weeks packed of glorious sunlight and beautiful breezes. That’s what I wanted to capture with my set at Curlfest. The dawn of a summer full of energy, promise, and peace.

This upbeat mix of Throwback R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul with cameos by Go-Go and New Orleans Bounce is the perfect soundtrack to kick off your summer journey.

Watch Here


Many thanks to the ladies of the Curly Girl Collective, killa DJ Kitty Cash, amazing hosts Cassandra Nuamah  & Anowa Adjah, impromptu photographers Dee WilliamsTatiana Nancy, along with everyone that rocked with me on that gorgeous day. Much love to you listening now.