Twelve45 is a New York based DJ/Producer. Known for her smooth transitions and blends, she believes a great mix reveals a special space where artists share the same musical frequency. Twelve45 approaches all mixes with purpose and intent. Her mix series ‘12 by Twelve’ is used to highlight different genres, artists, and pivotal moments in music history while telling a story.

Starting the Scratch DJ Academy’s Certification program in March 2014, Twelve45 blazed through the curriculum, finishing top of her class in October 2014. Not wasting any time, she quickly followed up that achievement by receiving certification in Scratch’s Music Production program in January 2015.

From playing the drums in high school to now sequencing them in Ableton, she has personally benefitted from music education and aims to share her knowledge with future generations of musicians. A former mathematics teacher with a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration, Twelve45 enjoys relating to students through their passion for music. Through the non-profit Building Beats she has been able to support students through their creative process and further their skills both in music and life.

Her DJ talents have taken her to New York staples like Friends & Lovers, Trophy Bar, Kinfolk, Ace Hotel and Joe's Pub. She was also one of the featured DJs at Essence's Street Style Block Party. Using music as her medium, Twelve45 aims to share a body of work that is both entertaining and edifying.


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